Things Are a Changin

In the past, public displays of anger were seen as taboo. Social life works best when everyone follows social etiquette. That way, we can all live together in relative harmony. If you need to have an outburst, you walk away from the situation and wait until you are in your car or at home. EvenContinue reading “Things Are a Changin”

Progressive “Christian” Distorts the Basic Jesus Story

Progressive Christians are a strange bunch. They often come across like they are spiritual and want to be considered Christians while at the same time rejecting large parts of the biblical text, either through strained interpretations of scripture or outright rejection of it. They claim to value truth, but they often can’t be truthful aboutContinue reading “Progressive “Christian” Distorts the Basic Jesus Story”

Antiscience is the New Buzzword to Silence Dissent

Antiscience is a buzzword of the left. President Biden wrote in an executive order, “It is, therefore, the policy of my Administration to listen to the science.” In the Scientific American article, ” The Antiscience Movement Is Escalating, Going Global and Killing Thousands” by Peter Hotez, a professor of pediatrics and molecular biology, he givesContinue reading “Antiscience is the New Buzzword to Silence Dissent”

Is the Massage Parlor Atlanta Shooter a Christian?

Understandably, Crabapple First Baptist church wants to distance itself from the Atlanta massage parlor shooter, Aaron Long. The media has gone into hyperdrive trying to blame basic Christian teachings on sexual morality as the reason the shooter lost his mind and killed 8 innocent people. There are some valid critiques of “purity culture” and theContinue reading “Is the Massage Parlor Atlanta Shooter a Christian?”

Another Christian Claims Trump Has Caused Him to Question His Faith

These stories are always a bit dramatic to me. I always assume every president is going to make decisions or enact policies that even people who voted for them don’t agree with. Politics and decision making is a complicated game, and voting for president is often picking which person you believe will screw up less.Continue reading “Another Christian Claims Trump Has Caused Him to Question His Faith”

Sometimes, People Do Lie, and That’s Why You Should Always Verify Everything

People lie. They lie for every type of reason. Some people lie for the thrill of it. Others lie out of social graces. Still others lie because they fear the consequences of telling the truth. There’s a whole other cast of liars though that seem to revel in manipulating others through their lies, whether thatContinue reading “Sometimes, People Do Lie, and That’s Why You Should Always Verify Everything”

Dishonest Political Cheap Shots Always Come Back Around

Some names are harder to pronounce than others. Some names have silent letters that don’t make sense, and some names have pronunciations that look different than how the names are spelled. There’s nothing wrong with any of this. It’s part of human life. Parents would be wise to consider whether other people can pronounce theirContinue reading “Dishonest Political Cheap Shots Always Come Back Around”


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