Sometimes, People Do Lie, and That’s Why You Should Always Verify Everything

People lie. They lie for every type of reason. Some people lie for the thrill of it. Others lie out of social graces. Still others lie because they fear the consequences of telling the truth. There’s a whole other cast of liars though that seem to revel in manipulating others through their lies, whether that means lying to get what a person wants or lying to hurt another person. Human motives can run the gamut, from the petty to the downright bizarre.

Blatant lies are endless, but here’s two that are particularly egregious.

In 2019, a New Jersey man decided he wanted a payday. Maybe he wasn’t happy with his life, or maybe he was bored. It’s hard to say for sure. His grand plan was to pretend that he slipped on some ice in order to make some money off of insurance fraud. He even laid on the ground after his fake fall to make his story more believable. Unfortunately for him, there was video in the break room.

Here’s the video:

The next big liar comes from a woman in Maryland. I could have used the Duke Lacrosse team scandal to make this point, but that happened a few years ago. I wanted something more current. If you’ve never read about the Duke case, it’s one of the worst incidents of false rape allegations in modern American history.

The Maryland woman accused a man at a Verizon store of sexually assaulting her. She alleged that the man “attempted to sell her non-Verizon items, including a Fitbit, a watch, and a cashmere sweater, and that he allegedly stored these unsanctioned items in his car.” However, her main allegation was that the Verizon employee had cupped her breast. As happens often to people who blatantly lie, her lie was exposed in court. She was eventually convicted of perjury.

During her trial, the judge asked her to specify where in the video the Verizon employee had assaulted her, but she couldn’t specify anything. The woman told the judge:

I was trying to, I was, I used the wrong word. I was confused, I used the wrong word, you know, is, you could, is it a cup, is it a feel, is it a brush, is it a touch, it’s that sort of, you know, you know it’s different than an elderly man, you know it’s different, you know you feel violated, you know you feel, you know that it’s not okay. You know that there is a power, he’s got my phone, he’s got pictures of my nieces, he’s got pictures of my…

The judge was having none of this. She summarized the woman’s history of irresponsible behavior:

[T]his would include her history of deceitfulness, consistent irresponsibility to honor financial obligations and lack of remorse. . . . During this investigation, she continued to make statements minimizing her own actions and instead, blaming the victim, the Judge and her own attorney. . . . [T]he pre-sentence investigation, again, . . . indicates that it’s been suspected that Ms. McGagh continues to drive on a suspended license. I was shocked by the number of just traffic violations, just a, just a consistent unrelenting inability or disregard [] for the law. As though it just does not apply to her . . . Ms. McGagh has been involved in criminal and traffic proceedings in which she has benefited from lenient dispositions. Regardless of these privileges, she has continued to avoid hearings by numerous failing to appears and not fulfilling her financial obligations in paying fines and costs, as well as financial liens against her.

These two people, on the surface, would seem like they were telling the truth if you just took a quick glance at their stories. Imagine even that they were a friend. They’ve told you something happened. You believe them. They seem fairly credible. Their eyes look convinced; they speak with emotion. Yet, the entire time, you were being deceived. Such is the nature of deception.

Lies unravel when the logic is challenged. Lies like these highlight why due process is so important. Anyone can make an allegation against anyone. An allegation alone does not prove itself. Always ask questions. Be skeptical. People should earn your trust before you freely give it away.

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