Yes, Christians Can Vote Democrat, But…

The political calculus required to do so is strange, considering the trends in the Democratic Party. One Christian writer puts the conflict this way, “Or, is voting for abortion and persecution of Christians a sign of a poorly developed Christian worldview and theology?” Usually the question isn’t put so bluntly, but the writer pulls no punches. The question is worth exploring.

Political calculations are often complex. In the recent election, many Christians voted Democrat, not because of abortion or religious persecution (who would vote for a candidate intentionally because that candidate goes against one’s faith?) but instead because abortion isn’t likely to end under any president. This subset of evangelicals has sort of thrown in the towel and declared that abortion is an evil that Christians will have to learn to live with. Republicans haven’t gotten rid of it, so there’s no use voting for them anyway. Democrats care more about the poor, and Christ calls us to care for the least among us.

This argument isn’t completely wrong. Abortion on the whole isn’t likely to go away anytime soon unless Christians did some sort of mass boycott and demonstration (peacefully of course, compared to what happened when leftists took to the streets). Even then though, a sizable part of the country supports abortion, not as a necessary evil but as a positive right for all women, worthy of being exercised whenever a woman decides best, even if the woman has suspicious reasons, like aborting a baby with Down syndrome. There can be no questions to a woman’s right to choose because she has a near absolute right to choose however she wishes.

The “abortion isn’t going away“ argument at least makes partial sense. Political observers can sit back and see the logic behind the position, even if they ultimately disagree.

But religious persecution is a different scenario. Because so many Christians voted for a party that has decided it will actively persecute all conservative Christians, I am at a loss as to why the persecution argument wasn’t discussed more, or why the Christians voting for Biden didn’t provide any defense against this argument. The Democratic Party as a whole does not truly believe in religious liberty. They want to force conservative Christians to bake cakes for gay weddings. They want to force preachers to perform gay weddings. (Regardless of your personal opinion on same-sex marriage, there is a religious liberty issue here). Amy Coney Barrett was mocked simply for being Catholic. Curiously, they haven’t yet decided to force Muslims and Jews to sell pork, but who knows what the future holds? They really would love to make private Christian schools illegal, but that day hasn’t come…yet.

So, pro-life evangelicals for Biden voted for a party that advocates, as a right, what these evangelicals believe is the murder of innocent children. They voted for a party that advocates reducing religious liberty to a right in name only.

This voting calculus is all done in the name of “social justice” and Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s character seems to have turned off some conservative Christians. His character turned me off. I never warmed up to many parts about him, but I did make peace with the alternative. 2016 was Clinton, one of the most corrupt politicians in all of American history. One could easily understand how Trump might oust her.

Joe Biden doesn’t elicit the same visceral response. Many people either feel warmly or neutral towards him. He’s a little hokey, but he’s not seen as much of a threat to anyone. He’s seen more as a follower and a firm member of the Democratic establishment.

The bipartisan Biden of old who at least supported the Hyde amendment no longer does. He may still be a moderate at heart, but he is likely to govern more from the left.

The pro-life evangelicals for Biden may someday have much to answer for.

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I enjoy thinking about the world. Philosophy is fascinating to me. I hope to have lively discussions and debates with people from all political persuasions and religions. The world needs free, vigorous debate.

10 thoughts on “Yes, Christians Can Vote Democrat, But…

  1. Excellent post. Regarding the Christians who vote for a party which persecutes conservative Christians, I believe the answer lies in the word “conservative,” which I also translate as “evangelical” or “Bible believing.” I believe the vast majority of these Christians are more of the social-justice kind, and may or may not be saved. In other words, they may or may not believe that Jesus is God, and that He is the only way to salvation.

    Ultimately, I suppose it all has to do with the reality of what those calling themselves “Christian” are — Christian in name only, or truly saved. If truly saved, I’m with Child of God and his comment: A true Christian cannot vote Democrat.

    Much thanks for the thoughtful post.

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    1. I think you hit on something true that the Christian community needs to deal with. Being a Christian has a specific meaning, just like any other word. People can’t claim a label that doesn’t accurately describe what they believe.

      Especially considering certain positions that Democrats currently take, it’s difficult for me to see how any Christian would enthusiastically vote Democrat. I can sort of understand why someone might vote Democrat if they see Trump as particularly bad, but to see the Democrats as just “sort of bad” is strange, in my opinion.

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  2. Trump is a severely flawed and sinful man. He’s a danger to the Constitution. He said in the primaries that he would use executive orders more than Obama. The national Republican party is a disgrace for saying they support Traditional Marriage and Pro-Life and not voting for Constitutional Amendments to do so. The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments were passed so that “States” could not decide on their own who did and and who didn’t deserve “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. President Obama is the one President who defended Christians against ISIS. Republicans have done nothing, as Trump has done nothing for Religious liberty in the Mideast. Christians did not depend on the Roman government for religious liberty. Pro-Life and Religious Liberty should depend on the churches because they can never depend on the government in the long run. I also object to supply-side economics. Our nation was built on entrepreneurs among the middle class and not corporations for innovations and job growth. Currently 40% of Americans merely survive and lack enough income to build any wealth.

    This is my political calculus and I hold to my conservative roots that go back as far as Eisenhower and historically to the Federalist party. And explain to me how Trump is not a danger when he becomes the “first President” since George Washington to NOT freely accept the verdict of the voters. Trump is a very very big problem and having the “supposed” right politics doesn’t make up his corrosive influence on our country. Moreso than Clinton and Obama.


  3. A government, and a president that represents the Character of God is of equal importance in this matter. In a 2 party system, there are no easy answers. The recent character of the republican party makes it very easy to question a pro-life pro-evangelical party. With this particular presidential election, Donald Trump claims at the very least to represent the church if not be its political leader. To make that claim, a believer must question whether he qualifies to represent the church. Being a twice divorced real-estate tycoon that constantly insults his enemies and has pridefulness breaking at the seams, he in no way represents Christ and in no way is qualified to lead the church. He does not meet the qualification of an elder at any point marked out in scripture. My problem is not where he stands on issues, my problem with president Trump and many republican leaders who misrepresent the church is that they claim to represent God’s people. President-elect Biden has no claim on the church or his people, therefore, he is not even a threat in this matter, and comparatively to president Trump, his character far exceeds expectations. Who knows, if evangelical Christians can move past their politics, maybe there is an opportunity to win Biden and many others over to Christ. Maybe by wisely seeing that politics is not the path that Jesus desired our eternal influence, we have a golden opportunity to create eternal change in the lives of people all over the political and social spectrum. Let’s not forget that as brothers and sisters in Christ, one of our main jobs is to disciple and whatever gets in the way of that, politicians and even comfort must be gotten rid of. It is never stated in scripture that our job was to create a pro-God political system. Israel already attempted this, and God chose to do a new thing in Christ Jesus our Lord.


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