Looking for God in a World Full of Uncertainty

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Gormless Wazzock?

A columnist for a British newspaper described Joe Biden as a “gormless wazzock.” What is this, you ask? Gormless means “lacking sense or initiative; foolish.” Wazzock means “a stupid or annoying person.” The British definitely know how to insult with style. A well placed, witty insult is a skill Americans really need to work on.Continue reading “Gormless Wazzock?”

School Cancels Pumpkin Parade

Here’s your daily dose of the absurd. “Following five years of deliberation about the future of the school’s annual pumpkin parade, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School has decided to nix the holiday tradition this year on the advice of the school’s Racial Equity Team.” This is the direction our society is headed. Soon, we won’t haveContinue reading “School Cancels Pumpkin Parade”

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